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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

In all honesty...

In reality, yea my kids are like a lot of others, either honest when they shouldn’t be, or not honest when they should be. Sometimes though, its fun to let those little imperfections shine and be honest about them, no one is perfect so why lie about it! Honestbaby reminds us all about those little imperfections that our kids might have and even share with others. They remind us that there is no perfect parent!

Honestbaby was founded by a mom who was just frustrated by the pressures of being the perfect parent, so she decided to let it out publically and sell some really great tee’s for kids and babies with funny sayings on them, sayings that remind us all to laugh and accept the imperfections, because we all have them.

My favorite shirt that I have for my youngest is “Sharing is overrated”. Now who would be one to announce to another parent, my child doesn’t like to share and be proud of it? Well, now you can be (sort of) and get the little chuckles with it at the same time, while having your child look super cute in a t-shirt.

Visit for more ‘witty’ tee’s that will make you chuckle at the little imperfections your child may share. Join in on ‘Celebrating the imperfect journey of parenting’, and have an honest baby yourself.

1 comment:

Petula said...

That t-shirt is so cute! It definitely gave me a chuckle.