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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Princess this, princess that...

Princess, Princess, Princess. That's what I hear about all day in my house. Both the girls are pretty convinced that they're both princesses. I say they're more of the drama queen type, but whatever gets them through the day and keeps them happy I'm all about.

We recently received a dvd in the mail called Prima Princessa presents Swan Lake. As soon as I opened up the envelope, the girls shrieked with joy. "A PRINCESS BALLERINA MOVIE!!!" they both cried. The joy in their eyes was just too good to be true. So right away we popped in the DVD for the girls to watch.

Prima Princess presents Swan Lake debuted in January 2008. The producers Mary Kate Mellow and Stephanie Troeller teamed up as 2 stay-at-home moms to produce this show inspired by their children's love of dance. The dvd brings a hip new twist on learning about ballet. My girls right now are loving dance and love to pretend that they're ballarina's so this video was just perfect for us. The dvd features the Paris Opera Ballet and students from the School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center, and Official Academy of New York City Ballet.

The dvd is 40 minutes long and kept the girls attention for the entire time, I did however have to stay out of their way as the dancing was a little out of control (*giggle*), but they were having such a blast. Prima Princessa is an animated fairy ballerina who magically transports a group of little girls to go see the Paris Opera Ballet perform Swan Lake. Between acts the children return home to learn simple ballet steps (which the girls followed along with quite well), the steps are shown by using colorful montages of toys, animals, children and young dancers.

This is a new favorite in our house, I can't count how many times the girls ask for the ballerina dvd to be put in. Prima Princessa presents Swan Lake can be purchased on, as well as on their website You can also find clips and coloring pages for you to print out for your ballerina's on their website as well.

All we need now is a pair of tutu's and the girls will be good to go!!! Thanks Prima Princessa for giving my girls something to look forward to doing and watching on a rainy day.

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Glamorous WAHM said...

Hi There! Great Review! It brings back memories. My teenager took ballet for about four years and her company performed Swan Lake. It is a beautiful ballet! I bet this video is great! I popped over from The Mom Bloggers Club. Happy Blogging and God bless!