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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Country up your grill!!

It's grilling season and what goes better with a grill other than the steaks, chicken and various other things you put on it? Some really great sauce!

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce hit's the spot and gives that end result your looking for when grilling those great meals on the BBQ. Being an all purpose sauce, there's so many things you can use it for. We recently tried the sauce on some burgers and chicken as well as a dipping sauce for some fries. I'm pretty picky when it comes to sauce for my foods, and I can say that I am just in love with Country Bob's All Purpose sauce. It's now on the top of my favorites list.

One thing I hate with BBQ sauces is that they can tend to be too sweet for my taste, Country Bob's All Purpose sauce is nice and tangy and i love that. It's not just a BBQ sauce, not just a steak sauce, it's something you can use for just about anything, I've been using it as a replacement for ketchup recently, and I'm not the only one. The entire family just loves it as much as I do.

If you take a trip over to Country Bob's website, not only will you be able to purchase some bottles for yourself, but you can view some of their really great recipes for so many different things and they give you so many purposes for the sauce. You can also sign up for a FREE bottle of Country Bob's sauce for yourself or someone else simply visit the website and scroll down to the left hand side and register to get a coupon for a free bottle in one of your local stores (which you can also find here).

Don't be fooled tho, Country Bob doesn't just carry the all purpose sauce, you can also find a Spicy All Purpose Sauce, Season Salt, and BBQ Sauce.

My house has embraced a new friend, and his name is Country Bob!!!

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