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Thursday, June 5, 2008


We all know by now the importance of protecting our children (and ourselves) from the harmful rays from the sun, there are so many products out today that can help with that, especially when it does come to our children. Protect-A-Bub is one of the places that try to do that. They carry various items to help protect our kids from the sun during this time of year and beyond.

Protect-A-Bub has some great products for sun protection. Just one of their many products includes stroller sunshades. These sunshades are the perfect accessory to any stroller to keep those little ones comfortable and protected. They have various styles to go along with almost every stroller possible.

One of their sunshades for strollers is The Classic Stroller Sunshade Attachment. This sunshade easily ties to any canopied stroller and is made with 50+ UPF breathable fabric which provides 98+% protections from the sun's rays, and also gives full air circulation and complete visibility while protecting your child. The sides of the sunshade are mesh and allows for 70% sun protection, gives cross ventilation and also gives your child maximum viewing. You can leave the shade attached to the stroller at all times or it also folds away for easy storage.

This is only one of the various styles of sunshades that Protect-A-Bub carries. One of their newest items is the Custom Stroller Sunshade for the Phil and Ted strollers including the new Vibe. This UPF 50+ Back Seat Tandem Sunshade is custom made for the rear seat on the Phil & Ted's strollers, and only made by Protect-A-Bub.
Don't let the baby in back get stuck out in the sun!

Visit Protect-A-Bub today at to view their stroller sunshades and various other items for sun protection.
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