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Monday, June 16, 2008

An Eco-Friendly Alphabet

Kids, my girls especially, love animals and what a great way to incorporate their love of animals and their love of learning new words than with a great tee and at the same time, they can be eco-friendly and as parents we can know we're just doing a little bit more to save our planet earth.

bioMe5 is an eco-friendly company who makes children's products. Their very popular Alphabet
T-shirt line brings the beauty of nature and the learning experience of animals to children both at the same time just through a simple tee. bioMe5 was founded by two architectural designers who wished to bring that beauty and love of animals to children who could appreciate the world around them.

The great things about these products from bioMe5 is that not only does it teach children about nature and animals, but it also encourages spelling and reading at the same time. For instance, my daughter's tee has a cute picture of a monkey on it, with the letter M right side up, but the word 'monkey' is spelled upside down to allow her to read the word when she looks down at the tee, it makes her so proud and more like a 'big girl' that she can do this by herself now.

bioMe5 not only carries tee's for toddlers and children (tee's come in sizes 2-6T both short and long sleeved), they also carry very cute onesies which are modeled after the same shirts for older kids (onesies come in size 3-12mths). All their items are 100% certified, undyed/unbleached organic cotton and are made in sweatshop free facilities. Items are tagless and preshrunk, the packaging for the products are also packaged using biodegradable bags that will degrade in as little as nine months.

You might think that bioMe5 is a very odd name for a line of children's clothing, some of us are just not aware of the meaning of bioMe5. Biomes are organisms which have adapted to a particular environment, think the dessert or grasslands, forests, tundra and aquatics. The 5 is used as a representation of these five natural biomes.

The animal alphabet shirts are a great gift for your own child or someone else's. You can match the letter with their name, or just start with their favorite animal, any child would be thrilled with their own Animal Alphabet biome5 shirt, I know mine just love theirs.

Be sure to visit to learn more about their eco-friendly products and purchase your Animal Alphabet shirt today.

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