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Friday, May 23, 2008

Reading they'll love to do

My girls both love books, but with the books they have, its a little harder to teach them to read. The books are simple enough for a starter reader. They loose interest fast, and it just gets everyone frustrated.

We found The Tessy & Tab Reading Club. A club for kids ages 2-5 years that gets them excited about reading.

My girls love to get mail, as I'm sure every kid does and what a treat it is for them to get their own addressed mail in the mailbox. They're always excited to see when the next book arrives. The Tessy & Tab Reading Club delivers a magazine/book in the mailbox for my girls every two weeks.

Tessy & Tab Reading Club is a picture book/magazine that is for ages 2-5 years. It helps in aiding kids to learn to read all by themselves. The magazine's main characters are Tessy (a duck) and Tab (a kangaroo), who go on daily adventures such as those your own kids could relate to. The pictures are big and bright and help those younger ones tell a story without having to recognize the actual words, they can tell it just from the pictures.

Learning to read and write starts at home. By using The Tessy & Tab Reading Club you will gain fun and simple tools to begin teaching your child the language and literacy skills they will use for the rest of their lives.

Tessy & Tab Reading Club will help your child build the six early literacy skills for each age level. These six skills for early literacy include:
  • Print Motivation: Showing interest in books & knowing books are fun
  • Print Awareness: Understanding how books work
  • Vocabulary: Knowing the names of things
  • Narrative Skills: Being able to tell stories
  • Letter Knowledge: Recognizing and naming letters
  • Phonological Awareness: Knowing about letter sounds, rhyming, syllables and sentences
When you join The Tessy & Tab Reading Club along with your child's first magazine you will get The Parent's Guide to Building Early Reading Skills, this will provide you with recommendations on how to develop the six sills at each age level.

The magazines are about 10 pages long and not only gives a great story for kids, but also gives early reading tips for parents as well as highlighting a number and letter of the alphabet for children to look for while they read.

My girls absolutely love their magazines and look forward to them all the time. This will be one subscription I believe that we will keep up with, as it's providing a valuable teaching to both my girls. Any parent or grandparent or even friend, who wants to find a great gift for a child that isn't the same old thing, The Tessy & Tab Reading Club is one of the best gifts you could give a child.

If you'd like to take a look at a sample magazine just click HERE to get to The Tessy & Tab website where they have one online for your viewing.

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Kristin said...

They rock and are located right here in Portland!