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Friday, May 9, 2008

Hoe of Dereon??

I don't know how many of you have heard of House of Dereon clothing like. It's Tina/Beyonce Knowles clothing line.

They've come out with a line for kids... I for one think the line is ADORABLE! I love it, and would dress my girls in it no problem. Except, well... this ad... what are your thoughts???

A lot of people are currently offended by the add. Claiming they're pimping out the girls, making the girls look like hoe's/sluts at a young age. I don't see that at all, I think they look cute and stylish. My only opinion is um, the heels... Why is that small little child wearing heels that high??? No way!!!

So what are your thoughts on the ad? Would you let your girls be in an ad like this for clothing? Do you think they look to 'grown'? Would you let your girls wear the clothes? Is it going to far?

I want to hear your opinions good or bad.

1 comment:

Lisa C said...

I don't like it! What do we have to loose if we actually dress little girls to look like they are little girls? I wouldn't buy their clothing for my little girls, that's just me.