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Friday, May 9, 2008

Huddy Buddy

Tired of your kids wearing all the same clothes? Tired of them looking like they were shopping with the kids down the street all wearing the same things?

Come find Huddy Buddy. A great little store with hip threads for cool kids.

Huddy Buddy was created after a mom (Robyn the owner of
Huddy Buddy) realized that her kid was dressed just like every other kid in the playground. They wanted to bring some diverse, fun and uniqueness to T-shirts for their son and his friends to wear.

So they created Huddy Buddy, which offers a great line of casual wear for all the cool kids. The designs were created by their son, his friends and Daddy as well. It's a family affair! The tee's and onesies are so cute, they'll be sure to gain some comments and have your little one strutting their stuff in style! Huddy Buddy features Onesies, Tee's and comfy pants for both infants, toddlers, boys and girls.

We were lucky enough to get 2 shirts for both my girls. They just love them. They're bright and funky, stylish and fun! Lyric my oldest just loves her Little Chicks Rock! (Play It Loud) T-Shirt, she tries to wear it as much as she can! It fits her and her personality perfectly. Aria wore her Aloha! shirt to the zoo this past weekend, it was just too cute on her. Nice and bright! The shirts wash up well and don't have any fading or too much shrinkage either.

Huddy Buddy makes 100% cotton, ethically made clothing that are hand screened in small batches. They're unique and would be a great gift for someone or a great addition to your child's wardrobe. Huddy Buddy also gives a percentage of every sale to something they call a Huddy Buddy Fund (#8100) that supports The Hospital for Sick Children.

So if you're looking for some fun, fresh, funky, stylish and unique clothing for your kids, or even as a gift for someone else's, Huddy Buddy has what your looking for!

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