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Friday, May 23, 2008

Give them some responsibility

It's great to give my girls some of their own responsibilities, even if they don't listen to what they're supposed to do all the time. However, I do realize, once I have a chart and some stickers for some reason it does wonders with these kids.

I was introduced to Creative Changes who have some great products including a Rewarding Kids Responsibility Chart. I thought this was a great idea and thought this is really something my girls could get into, and something we could get into as a family. The Responsibility Chart is a fun and effective way to teach responsibility.

Whether you need to get those attitudes in check, get those kids helping out or just figuring out who has what chores when, Creative Changes Responsibility Chart will give you that help you need.

Once the Responsibility Chart is delivered it comes ready to use. The Chart is reusable and has write on, wipe off surfaces, static clink stickers and also includes magnets. The cart can be put directly on your refrigerator, as they are magnetized, and you and your family can be reminded each day what their responsibilities are.

Included in the Responsibility Kit is:
  • A Creative Organizer Chart with a phone message area and tear away shopping list
  • A Family Job Chart
  • 2 Child's Job Charts
  • 2 Create-A-Charts
  • A Teaching Children Responsibility Workbook with 15 pages of work charts, job cards, system cards, checklists, incentives and rewards, ideas for organizing bedrooms and more.
  • Magnets
  • Static Cling Reusable Rainbow Stickers
  • 16 Job Stickers
  • Wipe-Off Crayons
  • Marker Holder
This kit is just great, and like I said, it works for the entire family, not just the kids. So your children can see just how 'responsible' you are for things around the house too, I think it gives them a little more initiative to see Mom and Dad on the chart as well.

The Responsibility Kit retails on Creative Changes for $24.95

Creative Changes also has many other different charts and kits that might be useful for your family. All of them are easy to use and reusable.

Right now, Creative Changes has a great offer for the readers of A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog who wish to purchase a product from their site.

They are offering 6 total sets of stickers--One to each of the first 6 readers of A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog who order. All you have to do once a product is ordered is let them know that they were referred by A Wrestling Addicted Mommy's Blog and they will include the extra sticker set in the first 6 orders referred from here.

We really enjoy our Responsibility Chart, check out Creative Changes and get one of your own for your family.

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Rhonda said...

I just ordered this, I can't wait for it to get here!!!!! Thanks Gina! :)