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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Curls Curls Curls....

Curls, Curls, Curls. We have a lot of curls in this house. My daughters both have curly hair, even my husband. We're always struggling to find the perfect product for each person's hair in this house since everyones hair is very different from the other.

With my girls being biracial its a difficult task to find the perfect product to match their hair texture, but I think one company has done it. Curls.

We've tried a lot of brands of hair care products, and it seems like all the really good products cost an arm and a leg and we just can't afford to spend major amounts of money each month on shampoo/conditioner all the time, especially for the girls.

Curls provides a complete line of hair care products designed specifically for curly hair. Their line is created for multiracial, multiethnic and biracial women and girls with naturally curly hair.

I found a line from Curls that is affordable and works wonders on both my kids. Curly Q's line by Curls is just the right product for Lyric and we've used some of it on Aria as well, who doesn't have as much hair or as many curls as Lyric does and it worked great for both of them.

Curly Q's isn't too heavy or greasy which we find we have a lot of issues with when it comes to products for the girls. It provides their hair with lots of moisture, cures the dryness that they tend to have a lot of if we don't' use the right product, and the definition it gives to the girls curls is amazing. Lyric now asks for these products by name now when its time to get her hair done. "Mommy I'll go get my Curly Q's" she says.

Curly Q's was made for kids who have curly hair, naturally curly, kinky-curly, wavy, and natural-afro hair. It is formulated with natural humectants, organic moisturizers, and curl enhancers. They have many products for this line so check them out.

We were also able to try the It's A Curl line for babies. These products include Peek-A-Boo Tearless Shampoo, Patty Cake Conditioner, and Ring around the girls leave in cre'me.

I am just in love with these products for Aria, they also work very well on Lyric's hair as well. Aria doesn't have the same texture or curls that Lyric does, so they always need seperate products, and while they work for both of the girls, I found they worked even better for Aria's hair. The line is affordable and well worth the money. Aria's hair is so soft and manageable after we've used these products, its just amazing the transformation it does on her hair.

It's A Curl is also all organic and gentle on those sensitive scalps.

Curls has products for the entire family, so if your a family like ours and have lots of curls in the house, this is the website you want to be checking out for your hair care products. We'll be back to buy more for our household.

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