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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kofi Kingston and ECW

So I'm sure most of you wrestling fans have already been introduced to Mr. Kofi Kingston. He's got some really sick moves in the ring. He's not just one of your run of the mill new guys in WWE. Kofi has some outstanding moves, nothing like I've ever seen before. Makes me wonder, if these other guys in the ring can actually keep up with him.

So far, it seems like no one can.

Kofi Kingston defeated Shelton Benjamin last night and currently has an undefeated streak. Great news for a new guy on the block. I really truly hope they push Kofi because i believe he has a lot of talent and a lot of potential. He's still very young an can go really far in the wrestling business.

But, I do have to say......... WWE, what is UP with not using my boy Elijah as he deserves to be used?? Elijah Burke is so underused in the WWE right now, he's one of the better guys around. He's got the ring skills, and the mic skills, what more do you want from the guy? Yet week after week he seems to get shafted, oh wait no, he won the other week against Nuzio. Yea that's hard to do...

WWE please start using your actual TALENT that you have on the show, instead of pushing guys who have no real potential (ahem....CM Punk).

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Kristin said...

You know I liked wrestling back when Brett Michael's used to "doing the x" Yeah loved that guy. lmbo