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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Be Oyster Aware!

How many people do you know that just love to eat oysters? I know quite a few. Oysters are a great food to eat, low calorie, lots of protein, zinc, B-12 and Omega-3 all things that our body can use. However when eating Oysters you need to be away of some of the risks that could be involved if your oysters are not cooked right. Did you know that having Gulf oysters that are raw or undercooked have the potential to cause serious illness from Vibrio vulnificus bacteria to not only healthy individuals but especially those with diabetes, liver disease or a weakened immune system.

There’s so much information that oyster lovers should know about and the hazards related to eating oysters raw. is just the site to educate those people on their beloved oysters. You can find out more about Vibrio vulnificus bacteria and how to reduce the risk of getting a serious illness. Learn the facts, enjoy your oysters, eat them well and safe. Be Oyster Aware!

Have you come out of your shell? is encouraging us to come out of our shell. Do you have an embarrassing story you’d rather keep quiet? Not something you really want to share? Be like me, come out of your shell and tell us all about your embarrassing moment.

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