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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Things You Don't Think Of With Home Ownership

About 6 years ago we went from being renters to being home owners, it was a great time in our life and we were very excited about it, but eventually the excitement fades and you wonder what the heck you got yourself into?

Home ownership is great in some ways, and a total pain in others. We have to do everything ourselves, pay for everything ourselves. Sometimes renting was so much more stress free!

It seems that after we bought the house, a year later anything wrong that could happen did happen, appliances that came with the house started breaking down, a leaky basement, we had a flood, furnace repair… I can go on, things we had to worry about and fix on our own.

Thankfully we had done a homeowners warranty inspection before we bought the home, and renewed that for another year, which helped us save ourselves some money in the long run.

Places like American Home Shield is one place people should check out when they're thinking of buying a new home, a home warranty should be on the list of things you need when buying a home. You don’t think something will break down a month or two or even a year after you move into your new home, and new home ownership costs a lot of money, this warranty will save you lots in the long run that you might not have around at the time you need it. I know it sure helped us out!