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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kids and Social Networking

We’ve reached that point with my oldest daughter, the point where she wants to get online, and not just play games, but post photos, talk to her friends, and basically socialize. We’re pretty lax in a lot of things with our kids, but their safety is always our #1 concern with them, and I worry about her getting online and using social networks.

She’s already asked about finding friends of hers online, and really it’s just a matter of time before she tries to do it herself. I’d rather her have some guidance, some rules and some safety measures in place. She’s still young, she’s smart, but she’s naive and I really don’t want someone taking advantage of that, or he finding things or people she shouldn’t. What I’d like to find is a safe, secure, FOR KIDS ONLY Social Network For Kids.

But how do you do that? How can you be SURE that it’s ONLY kids on a site like that? The internet is a huge place, with so many great people to connect with, but where there’s millions of safe, awesome people, there’s always a few in the bunch that are out there for the wrong reasons. That’s why I’m very cautious about letting her get into social networking.

I really don’t want to discourage her, but I have to be 100% sure she’s begin safe online at all times, even if I am monitoring her.

I was introduced to a website recently called which is a website specifically designed for children ages 9-14 years of age. I browsed around the site as much as I could without my own account (since I’m not a child) and found some really neat and fun things it looks like my daughter would love. Videos to watch, age appropriate of course.. Movie Trailers, games to play, places to ask for advice and then there is their chat rooms and message boards, which you need a login for. That’s where things get scary, how can I be sure that she’d be talking to other kids? let’s parents know that their chat rooms and message boards are always moderated and monitored. They also don’t let kids share their personal information via their profile or in chat. Kidzworld is just that, a KIDS WORLD, no adults are allowed to have accounts, and with the privacy and security that Kidzworld offers there’s no way for your kids to get into trouble with the wrong people (or even adults).

I’ve seen a handful of Social Networking Sites for Kids but I’m always unsure of their security measures, with Kidzworld I’m pretty sure what to expect and can trust and rely on them to keep up their end of the deal as being a safe place for kids to socialize online.

I’m going to show my daughter the site, allow her to sign up and get her own profile soon and tell her friends as well. She’ll still be monitored while using the computer, and even the site, that will never change, as much safety and security a site can have, parents always need to be the #1 monitor of our kids online activities.

To find out more information on this kids social networking site you can visit it at and take a look around for a bit yourself, be sure to visit the parents section for more information.

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