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Friday, September 9, 2011

Red, Green Silver and Gold, it's what retail decorations are made of!

Walked around a store lately and wondered, um what the heck? It’s only September?!

We’ve got a total of 3 months, until Christmas is upon us, we haven’t even hit Halloween or Thanksgiving yet and there’s Christmas stuff all over the place! Well, honestly, I’m not too shocked, or worried, because I’ve already started Christmas shopping and planning decorations this year! Yup, I’m one of those early birds! Heck our tree is up before Thanksgiving usually.

However, no matter how hard I plan, how much I try to stay on top of Christmas before December gets here, one thing I always slack on is the Christmas Card!

Every year with the girls we take their photos in front of the tree, dressed in their cute little Christmas outfits, and I make my own Christmas photo cards via some digital scrap-booking pages and my computer. It’s fun, until I have to print them out, address them all and then find out on Christmas Eve that I forgot to send them out, yet again!

This year though, I vow to have them sent out before December even starts! I’m going to be on my game! No more making my own cards, forget it, it takes too much time and money after I have to change my ink cartridges in my printer, plus the cost of card stock or photo paper. This year, I’m having someone ELSE do the hard work like Storkie Express!

So much simpler to browse the site, the collection of stylish and cute Christmas cards they have available, or just to upload my photo after I find the perfect card, and just wait for them to be sent to ME!

The only thing I need to remember to do is send them to everyone else after I have them. Someone needs to come up with a good reminder system to send out your Christmas cards, is there an App for that?

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