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Saturday, September 17, 2011

I finally get my time!

It’s funny to see how a short amount of time can bring on a big change. In the past month my life has changed from having to be a stay at home mom taking care of one child while the other was in school, to being a lonely housewife with two kids in school!

Ok maybe lonely isn’t the word, although it does get quiet, I’ve found my own things to do through the day now, found a way to find MYSELF again rather than just find ‘Mom’.

I’m also learning to enjoy spending time with my husband again. I didn’t expct this time to come until the kids were 18, but with his work schedual it enables us to be able to spend time during the day together.

We did that for the first time yesterday. We had a day alone, without kids, the first time in almost 8 years! We were almost at a loss as to what to do! Although what didn’t help was I’m sick, so we probably didn’t do exactly what we wanted to as I whined about my throat being sore. However I can’t wait until next week when we get to do it again!

No longer do I have to dream about flying away from my children on an adults getaway, but don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ve stopped dreaming about that, I still would love to get away with my husband, somewhere away from home, so I’ve been thinking about looking at some London holiday packages and to see what we can find and come up with.

We’ve never actually been away together, and I’m sure that’s so much different than just having the house to ourselves for a few hours. One step at a time though I guess. We’ll get there eventually, until then I’m enjoying the time that I do have when I do have it! A far cry from the first day of Kindergarten where I had to leave the classroom so that my daughter wouldn’t see me bawling my eyes out lol…

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