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Thursday, September 16, 2010

What a week....

What a week it’s been. My anxiety as it all time high levels, I’m stressed out, and BLAH!!!

First off, hubby is away for the week, yea yea, most of you would probably be thankful for that right? NOT ME, lol although let’s be honest, he can get on my nerves and I do like breaks, but when he’s away, my anxiety flairs up and I hate being alone! I’m one of those odd people that actually like my hubby being around, and being home and spending time with me… Go figure! I can say, anxiety is really good for appetite suppression though, I haven't had any appetite all week!

We drove him to the airport Monday, and will be picking him up Friday night… I know not a long time, but it feels like weeks to me. There’s no way I could ever be a military wife, I don’t know how you guys do it….

My stress, it comes from my period being a week late….That’s right, we’re careless! We have sex and lots of it, and we don’t use birth control of any kind, no condoms, no nothing… Birth control makes me crazy with mood swings, and condoms…seriously…not that I’d ever tell my girls this because condoms ARE important (when you're NOT married) but come on, what a way to ruin the mood and the sex at the same time, ugh… HATE THEM!!

We don’t want any more kids, no way, no how… The thought of having any more ‘diva’s’ in this house is enough for my husband to want to have a vasectomy, however he still hasn’t found the time to go and do it….

Yes, my period has been in limbo for a week… Last week my husband said I was acting ‘weird’, emotional, moody and just odd… He asked me a question, a question I didn’t want to hear, a question that made me want to grab my camping gear and camping tents and run far, far away. The dreaded question was, “you’re not pregnant are you?” OMG! PLEASE LORD NO!!! He said the last time I acted like this was when I was pregnant… And ever since that dreaded question, I’ve been in fear….

A week late… A husband out of town for this week, do I test? Do I not test? Do I really want to see a + sign on a stick and be alone knowing that I’m going to freak the hell out??? I think NOT! So I wait… Hoping, and praying and CURSING my husband, because you do know that if it’s positive and I am pregnant it’s now all HIS fault for asking that stupid question!

Two nights ago I was on the phone with hubby saying our ‘good nights’ when I screamed out THANK THE LORD! OH MY GOD! THANK GOD!

Hubby was like what’s wrong? What’s going on? My only question was what the hell do you think I would be saying all that for? His response “I don’t know!”. I’m sure you all could guess.. MY PERIOD SHOWED UP!!!! A week late, but it finally came!!! YAY!!!! My husband just cracked up, saying check you out getting all religious now and stuff lol… My only response was SHUT IT!

So my stress is somewhat down now, but man I hate these scares, someone needs to go get snipped and QUICK!

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