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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Time to start thinking of fall and winter activities...

School is coming back in session and although we’ve had a fun, carefree summer vacation I’m starting to think of activities for the girls to engage in over the fall and winter months.

My oldest usually plays soccer, she loves it and I want to continue on with it, but in reality, she needs something with a bit more discipline and structure.

I’ve been looking at some Martial arts DVD’s and thinking, hmmm maybe this is something we can enroll her in. I’ve her how much discipline it gives you and maybe it would help her out with listening and focusing more on the task at hand, I’m just not sure if it’s something she would enjoy or not.

So, I’ve asked her a few times if she’d like to join something like Karate, she just kind of looks at me and asks why? I don’t really have a fun filled answer for her, I just ask her isn’t it something that you think would be fun? She’s not sure. “I want to play soccer” she says, which is great! I still plan to keep her enrolled in that, but I’m also thinking this may help her out and be enjoyable for her in the long run as well.

I’m sure we can all benefit from some Martial arts training in one way or another, and heck if she decided she did like it and kept it up, not only will it help her with the discipline and structure, but as she gets older she’ll find it helps her with self defense should she ever need it as well.

I realize it sounds more like I’m trying to convince myself to do this for her, but really I’m just trying to see the benefits in it. And heck, if she doesn’t like it then so be it, I’m not opposed to pulling her out, there’s no way I’ll be one of those parents that makes their kids stick with something they don’t like just because I want them to do it…

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