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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Woman Beater? You sing and dance? Oh then we forgive you!

Ok, I have to comment on it, because frankly I’ve heard about it all day and I’m really sick of it. If you don’t know, last night was the BET awards, I missed most of it, I’ll have to watch the beginning, but I do have to comment on Chris Brown.

Why, Why, WHY are we still glorifying this woman abuser??? Seriously, I get that he’s talented, I get that he loved Michael Jackson but I would have much rather seen Usher perform the tribute to Michael Jackson last night instead, who probably could have done a much better job in the first place.

Chris Brown doesn’t have an ounce of my respect, yet all I’ve seen all day is people PRAISING Chris Brown and his performance last night, have you forgotten what he does in his spare time? Have you forgotten the brutally beaten Rihanna photos? I guess most people really don’t care. We're more up in arms over other things like health care and finding cheap insurance, which we should be. BUT Parents need to step in and take a look at who their daughters are falling head over heels for, I wouldn't want my kid drooling over an abuser, or for them to even think he'll only do it once, or she provoked him!

And what was with the tears last night, and him breaking down in the middle of “Man In the Mirror”? Can we say TOTAL PUBLICITY STUNT! Seriously, Chris Brown may be a talented singer and dancer but an actor he is not. I had zero respect for him before, and I have even LESS respect for him now for him using a tribute to his apparent ‘hero’ to try to make amends with his fans and boost his career.

I can’t really say anything BAD about the tribute, he did a good job dancing that was about it… I guess what still bothers me is all these young kids looking up to him like they do, these young girls not giving a shit about what he did to Rihanna, which I’m sure he’ll do again at some point to someone else. A man with that type of anger you can never trust! Yet these girls still fall all over their feet and scream at the top of their lungs for him….

I guess some people would say as well, why are we glorifying a pedophile still, well I don't believe that Michael Jackson ever did those things, in fact we have no proof, we have no evidence we have no guilty verdict. Chris Brown however, we have the facts, we have the evidence we have the guilty verdict!

Check out the BET MJ tribute from last night below…

What are your thoughts?

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