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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'll let you in on a little secret...

Happy Monday morning, Is it really? Nope it's not, its TUESDAY!!! Thank goodness for holidays!! I'm so tired, our weekend was so much fun but I'm wiped out... I still have to do some cleaning, unpacking and all that jazz and get back to normal... I"m also PMSing I'm not happy about breaking out! I need something like acnepril to help me out today!!!

There’s something you might not know… I have well no make that we have (as a couple) no friends. Like seriously! There are a couple of girls I’m friends with around here, but we don’t get together as much as we should. As a couple though we really have no friends, last week hubby had a work BBQ we had to go to at one of his co-workers homes and it was a fun, great night! I said to hubby on the way home, I really wish we had friends around here because I’d love to do something like that more often.

We both moved here from elsewhere, places where we both had friends/family but now they’re states and even countries away and we never have made friends here, heck I wouldn’t even know how lol. Silly to say but it’s true; when you’re a kid it’s so much easier to make friends! Our neighbors are douchebags, or they’re old, or the other couples we just don’t talk to much everyone basically minds their own business around here, which I LOVE, but man, I wish we had some friends….

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