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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Makeover Anyone?

My girls, while I was sorting through every inch of clothing they've ever owned decided that they need to come inside and go up to their room to play, that's all fine and good still allows me to finish the work I was doing.

That was until I head upstairs to check on them since they were being quiet. All you mom's know what I'm talking about, that quiet where it's too quiet and you just know they're up to no good....

I went upstairs to find their room TRASHED.... Every toy, every stuffed animal all over the floor in the middle of their room. Not only that, but I found them both on the bed, pencil crayons in hand WRITING ON THE WALLS!

I about lost it.... Here I am trying to 're-organize' things slowly as they do share a room but are getting older and are needing new space. Here I am stressing about making more room in their room for them, here I am stressing about getting new mattresses and beds for both the girls.......Here I am stressing that they've completely RUINED their room...

The writing on the wall is so bad its going to have to be repainted, the vinyl wall d├ęcor is going to have to come down, the rug needs to be cleaned because they wrote on that with marker and who knows if it will come out. My girls need a MAKEOVER in their room badly and I can't afford it at the moment. I think tonight I'm definitely going to need a sleeping aid to get over this mess.. OYE!!

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