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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Maybe heading away for a vacation...

I entered a giveaway on a few blogs to win a vacation in Orlando and to stay at a resort. I’ve been screwed before by winning a ‘cruise’ which turned out to be a big scam on another blog, but this I’m pretty sure is legit.

I’ve already been told this is a resort, not a timeshare! I won’t be pitched to view how to buy or sell my timeshare, I won’t be bothered. It’s an actual real vacation!

Now the only thing to decide if I want to do or not is bring my kiddos SHOULD I win one of these great giveaways! I mean, Disney is there of course they’d want to go, but also TNA Wrestling is filmed in Orlando as well, which would mean a lot of wrestling time for me and hubby! WOOHOO!!

Decisions, Decisions… Well wait, I haven’t even won yet, so let’s just cross our fingers that I’ll have to make those decisions!

1 comment:

ultralove said...

I never had any luck on winning anything. I tried for a vacation and it turned out to be a scam, it would sure be nice to win a nice vacation somewhere. I'd never been on a Island yet. Hope soon!