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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Going back to school...

My husband and I have both thought a lot about either one or both of us going back to school. Hubby is fortunate enough that his employer will pay 100% of his tuition if he should decide to go back to school. This is not something we want to pass up. I only wish they would at least partially cover family members as well, but I guess I understand why not.

So, my husband has been looking around lately and trying to decide what school he’d like to apply to and where he wants to take his career so he can focus on what he wants to do when he does go back. Firs things first though he’s got to get his old transcripts.

He seems to be pretty excited to go back and further his education and hopefully his career. He’s been talking to an educational counselor and we just need to find out what he’s got to do to get in there, possibly things like gmat prep courses can even be talked about, we just don’t know yet.

He’s also a little nervous about going back to school, which I get, but he’ll be doing it online so really there’s nothing to be nervous about.

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