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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Camping We Will Go...

So we’ve decided to go camping this summer for two weeks, my family and my parents. We’re headed on a long road trip, with tents and just their small camper that sits on top of their truck. For my parents, it’s ok, but to hold 6 of us plus 1 dog, its just not going to work!

I miss our old motorhome that we used to go camping in as a child. Man, I wish those punks who set it on fire feel guilty, we lost our vacation ride because of them, and I would have LOVED to take my girls camping with that thing. If we had the money, you bet I’d be looking at some used motorhomes.

The memories that thing gave me are priceless, hopefully my girls will still have awesome memories of our camping trip this summer and beyond, even with a small camper and tents!

1 comment:

Tarot Experience said...

I remember my early days out there under canvas and no real worries. Now 40 yrs later its all changed, but we have the memories