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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Win Tickets to see Elton John in Toledo Ohio!!

I admit, I am NOT an Elton John fan.... However, my mother totally is!!! I wanted to get her these tickets when I heard Elton was coming to Toledo, but I just didn't have the cash on hand to do so, and I think Elton John tickets are a much better 'thank you' gift than some anti wrinkle face creams, don't you?

So what I'd like to do is WIN a pair of tickets to give to her so she can go and enjoy herself, coming down here to visit without having to babysit for me...

What can you do to help me? Enter yourself through my link:

For every person who enters via my link I gain an extra entry into the giveaway!!!

Mom has been coming out last minute to babysit for me a lot lately so I'd love to win these for her, can you help me??? Enter yourself, tweet my link, Facebook my link, whatever you can do to help me win these tickets!!!

Pretty please?????

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