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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is Spring Break Over Yet???

I swear, this week can probably go down in some worst week ever directory submission! From my PMS, to my stupid neighbors, to some financial issues and now onto my lovely children…

You see, we’ve had issues in the past with scissors, especially with my 6 year old, who thinks she’s the designated house hairdresser for her and her sister. She’s cut her own hair, she’s cut her sisters hair, she’s cut stuffed animals hair, she’s cut barbies hair, you get the issue. Scissors are NO LONGER ALLOWED to be used by her unless it’s supervised or for homework. I’ve hidden ALL of the kids scissors and put them away, our scissors are in the kitchen drawers and she’s been told millions of times not to touch them.

Another issue is makeup. Apparently not only is she the house hairdresser but she’s also the house makeup artist, it’s not just her though, it’s my 4 year old as well. If they can get their hands on makeup, they’ll go on a makeover spree with the both of themselves and their baby dolls. They’ve been told now numerous times NOT to touch mommy’s makeup, yes they do have their own, but right now, thanks to their makeovers they’re all gone too. They’ve also been told NOT to touch anything in the hallway closet unless they’re told they’re allowed to. You see, that’s where all my makeup, nail polish, hair things etc etc are kept. Theirs are kept in there as well at a lower level, I try to keep my things high where they can’t reach.

Well, apparently my children don’t learn lessons, or listen to me. Yesterday I caught them with my clear nail polish painting the dresser and the T.V. in the guest room. After getting yelled at and I put it away and told them they were NOT to touch my stuff anymore I thought it was over… YEA RIGHT!

Today my youngest came downstairs into the living room to say mommy I’m so pretty with pink MARKER all over her face used as blush and eyeshadow…. OK kinda funny but not really. I told her to go upstairs and wash that off her face, and she did with water, soap and a face cloth. I was happy! Until she came down while I was cooking dinner, with what looked like soap all in her hair. No big deal I thought, she’s having a bath tonight anyways I’ll get it all out then. I went about cooking dinner. Called the girls down for dinner and everything was good.

As they were eating dinner in the kitchen at the table, I came into the living room to watch some T.V., all of a sudden I hear crying and screaming. I go to see what’s wrong and my youngest saying “Lyric cut my hair!” OH…No!!!!!! I say how much did you cut? She said I was trying to get the white stuff out of Aria’s hair! I said you were SUPPOSED to be eating dinner! I asked my youngest where the hair was that her sister cut, and she said in the garbage. I go check and it’s a handful of hair! I’m now FUMING MAD!!!

My oldest is then sent to her room for the rest of the night, my youngest finishing her dinner and then into the bath she’s going…

Once in the bath, I notice a weird smell in her hair… Kinda smells like nail polish, and the white stuff, yea not soap, it’s hard and sticky. I asked her what is in your hair? She says “Lyric put nail polish in my hair”. If I’m not fuming mad already, I dunno what I am now because I’m so mad, I don’t think there’s a word for it!

The girls have the guest room as their play room when no one is visiting. All of their toys are in there, a TV is in there for them and that’s about it, yet somehow they manage to get things they’re not supposed to be into! Normally they can be trusted, apparently that’s in the past…
Tomorrow there will be a HUGE overhaul of the upstairs including their room, and the guest room as well as a new lock on the closet door in the hallway, and a lock on the guestroom door where they are now no longer allowed to play in!

It’s a rainy day here, they were having fun outside in the rain for a bit today, and then wanted to go watch TV and play upstairs, then thinking nothing more could go wrong, someone finds the scissors they’re not supposed to be using while they’re supposed to be eating dinner….

This is the week from hell, and go figure, it’s Spring Break….. Only 5 more days till she’s back in school, I have to keep telling myself that…. UGH!!!!!!!!


Misty said...

OMG my eyes are buggin just at your girls! I know a lot of parents are against a good beating, but im not. If it was my daughter she wudnt sit for a week! I hope your girls learn from this... and quick!

Jackie said...

Ow, wow...that does sound like a horrible day! I was lucky my girls never took my makeup or cut hair when they were younger...but my sister's daughter did. She cut her own hair, her sisters, and her cousins. Try to hang in there...spring break is almost over.

Natalie said...

I hear ya, this was indeed one of the worst weeks ever! My girls fortunately didn't mess with the nail polish, but my expensive concealer is now a dumped out mess that I had to clean up off the bathroom floor. I also had a second miscarriage 2 days ago, I'm not even sure I've accepted that yet...I'm numb. So yeah, bad week all around.