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Monday, February 8, 2010

Springtime.... Guess again....

It’s been a long week for us. We started with a birthday celebration and ended with my overspending at a jewelry party that I attended. I haven’t been around the blog much because honestly, I just haven’t felt like it! I’ve been dealing with my own anxiety and depression the past week or so and just wanted to do absolutely NOTHING!

For a while there, it looked like spring was on the way and hopefully it would get me out of this slump. I’ve seen the sunshine, the snow melt and friends with babies sending out communion invitations, all signs that springs on the way……


Our local weather hasn’t been too bad this winter, but now here we go, on our way into spring and BAM! Time to get the worse snow storm of the year, UGH! They’ll calling for 6 – 12+” of snow by Wednesday. I am NOT looking forward to this at all!

Yea I live in Ohio, yea I’m Canadian but guess what, I HATE THE SNOW!!!!!! Blah… Looks like the kiddo might have 2 days off from school if all this pans out the way they think it is…. Time will only tell!

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