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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dear Self....

Get off your BUTT and go WORK OUT!!!

Actually I’m just waiting on my daughter to finish up her lunch and Max & Ruby and I’ll be off! Another day of EA SPORTS Active More Workouts, I’m actually a bit excited about it. I had a great workout yesterday, and today I’m feeling it! I’m so SORE, but its well worth it in the end, I know if I can feel it, I must be doing something RIGHT!

I’ve noticed with working out, a lot of my stress and depression seems to float away too, so maybe this is the answer to a lot of my issues/problems. Heck, if that’s the fact, maybe it will also be the best wrinkle cream ever and keep me looking younger longer!

Off to de-clutter the floor and make room for my workout!

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