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Saturday, December 12, 2009

These Boots Were Made For Walkin....

It’s funny how little girls want to be just like mommy. Recently I bought myself a pair of really cute thigh high boots. My youngest daughter’s eyes lit up with excitement when she saw them. I want high heels too mommy! As she proceeded to try to put on the boots that are about the size of her!

My daughter loves shoes, especially boots, so in addition to her snow boots for everyday winter use, I have to make sure that we do some shopping for some cute stylish boots as well.
Now, there’s no way my 3 year old is going to get high heel boots, she wants them, but she’s not going to get them, never mind I don’t even think they’d make them in her size. But, there is no reason she can’t have cute stylish boots.

I always let the girls pick out their own style, and something like the Labyrinth would probably be right up her ally in terms of style. Also a style of book I don’t mind buying for her either. With premium dyed-though leather and suede as well as an easy foot entry via an internal zipper, this book looks not only stylish but comfortable too. There’s cute embroidered detail with quilted panels which make this boot stand out and able to be worn for many occasions.

Finding Girls Boots that are inexpensive, stylish, and functional isn’t always an easy task, and sometimes takes some time and some shopping around to do, but this shop-a-holic mom doesn’t mind one bit.

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Nessa said...

My daughter is very into shoes herself! Little girls are so much fun!

Petula said...

My two youngest daughters have some really cute boots that their dad bought for them. I can't find some for my oldest daughter. She mentioned wanting thigh high ones so we'll see. I'd like some for myself as well. I want some that are about two inches, but they don't make any really cute ones - to me - at that height. I wear four-inch clogs (they're cute and casual) almost all the time and I want something a little lower for everyday. I can't wait to see pics of your baby in her boots. :)