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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's time to shop!!!

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas Thanksgiving. Ok really, this year for some reason it feels like we’re skipping Thanksgiving and moving right on past it till Christmas, I’ll admit, I’m guilty of the same thing, I’ve already started decorating.

I’m also almost finished my Christmas shopping. I mean I still have a few things here and there for the girls, and for my relatives, but I’m done the ‘big’ shopping, so that’s a big weight off my shoulders. My youngest is still fairly easy to buy for, but my 6 year old, I don’t know what happened but she’s picky as heck and I have no real clue what she wants besides a few ‘expensive’ items that she thinks she’s going to get. She’s really into makeup and jewelry right now, so I’m thinking maybe some lip gloss, nail polish, play makeup and some Girls Jewellery, maybe a new necklace or something.

Why is it as these kids get older they want more gifts, and they’re always more expensive than the previous year, I don’t know if I can keep up. My poor husband!!! Seriously 3 women in the house, all of us are spoiled rotten; he’s got his hands full when it comes to gift giving time, poor guy!

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