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Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm Back!

BLAH! What a week it’s been. With the flu hitting our home and just various other things, it’s not been fun. Today I finally feel back to normal and feel like this sickness is truly gone from my body. Thankfully (knock on wood) no one else has caught it, we took some pretty good precautions to make sure that didn’t happen, but all being in the same household there’s always that chance.

Yesterday I was feeling still a little out of it, tried to do some things around the house, because you all know, when Mommy is sick, NOTHING gets done! It just took so much out of me to do anything still, so I did a lot of online shopping yesterday for Christmas. From video games, clothing, an SD card, and various other things, I had some fun time spending some of my cash.

I’m just thankful things can go back to normal now, and we can start getting prepared for Thanksgiving and Christmas, oh yea! That’s what I did yesterday; I got our new Christmas tree from set up! You’ll hear more about that during my Holiday Gift Guide which will start tomorrow!

Today is supposed to be a beautiful day; it’s supposed to hit 70 degrees! Can you believe that, it’s November and 70 degree weather here in Northwest Ohio! I think me and the girls will get out later this afternoon and rake up some of those icky leaves outside, which I hate to do but I can’t let this great weather pass us by.

Hope you all have a great and wonderful day!

1 comment:

Martha said...

Whoa, is that picture of you? HOT momma! :)
I just noticed you have a child named Lyric. I love that name. I named a very special puppy I had a few years back that...when I was pregnant with my son, I really wanted to name him Lyric as well. I didn't, b/c I'd used it to name a dog...and went with Judah. Arie is beautiful as well. Funny thing is, I now have a dog named Paisley & I wish I'd saved that name for a baby girl as well. lol. Anyway, I enjoy your blog...just had to comment. <3