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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide A Gift For Everyone: Cupcase Individual Cupcake Holder

There’s a big issue going on, one that must be addressed by us mom’s out there who try to send our kids to school with a yummy cupcake or muffin! The smooshed cupcake!! This isn’t something we should stand for; a lot of us work hard to bake (or buy) these delicious goodies to hear that they’ve been squished to a pulp once they’ve arrived at school ready to be eaten at lunch. Not acceptable!

If only someone could provide us with a device, something that could protect our precious cupcakes on the ride to school. If only someone could provide us with a cupcake holder of some sort.

Vat19 has flown in to the rescue! Vat19 has a variety of products that are a little more unique than normal. Their fun and unusual gifts are perfect for stocking stuffers, or to find a gift for that hard to buy person this year. They’ve also provided me with the awesomeness of the Cupcase Individual cupcake Holder!

This cupcake holder has been the safety net that our cupcakes have been hoping for, it allows my daughter to devour her delicious cupcake without having to lick the bag it was transported in. Thanks to the Cupcase Individual cupcake holder her cupcakes and muffins arrive safely to school.

Simply place your cupcake or muffin inside these really cute plastic cupcakes, there’s a platform to stabilize the base of your cupcake as well as a thin plastic prong on the top which will secure your cupcake from the top. No more smooshed cupcake, no more smeared frosting. Once your cupcake is inside the Cupcase you can shake, rattle and roll your cupcake around without fear, it’s safe and secure and ready to be transported from the kitchen to school or wherever else you may need to transport the little guy.

The Cupcase comes in two styles: Pink Frosting with Chocolate Cake OR Chocolate Frosting with Vanilla Cake. They’re about 4” tall and 3.5” in diameter. The lids snap close easily and open easily as well for little hands, they’re also dishwasher safe!

End cupcake abuse with the Cupcase cupcake holder! These would be a great stocking stuffer this holiday season. For more information about the Cupcase Individual Cupcake Holder or for other great fun and unique gift ideas visit, you can also become a fan on Facebook.

Product was provided to me from Vat19. Opinions are strictly those of the author of A Wrestling Addicted Mommy; please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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