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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Daily Freebies!!!

The girls have missed their Grandma J, hubby's mom decided about a year or so ago now that they'd move to Arizona. It's been a hard time for hubby to accept this, and the girls miss their Grandmother, but I do have to say thank goodness for some great live chat software that we use. Every Sunday the girls get to talk to their Grandma via video chat. It's great that technology has come so far and you can do this now, and the best part, what we use is FREEEEEEE!!! It means a lot to both hubby's mom and the girls to be able to do this each week, it makes the distance a little shorter between us.

Time for those Daily Freebies!!

~ HollandBulbFarms (Facebook Page) Free Amaryllis Giftbox Kit

~ Gates Free Belt Wear Gauge (US & Canada)

~ Nature Valley Free Trail Mix Bar and Granola Nut Clusters

~ KLM Free Luggage Tags

~ Walmart Free Sample of Prilosec OTC

~ Dove Free Samples of Intense Damage Therapy

~ L'Oreal Free Sample of RevitaLift Wrinkle Repair (Canada)

~ EverydaySale Free Silk Scarf for the first 10,000 (UK)

~ Betty Crocker Free 2010 Calendar

~ Astroglide Free Sample of Glycerin and Paraben Free Astroglide

~ Great Sunflower Free Welcome Pack with Sunflower Seeds

~ Splenda Free Sample of Hazelnut or Mocha Sweetener

~ Walmart Free Sample of Huggies Little Movers

~ OraHealth Free CankerMelts Sample (US & Canada)

~ Myoflex Free Pain Relief Cream Sample (Canada)


Myne Whitman said...

What does one do to enter for the giveaway? My email is mulan.mineatgmailcom.

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Anonymous said...

Great Sunflower Project no longer gives out seeds.