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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Your Shape...

I absolutely love working out with my Nintendo Wii, and with the current lineup of games that are out already and slated to come out, working out at home, on my own time is not only easy, but it’s fun as well.

On November 24th one of the newest editions to the Wii fitness craze will be available, and this is one I’m defiantly excited about! Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy is one of the first video games of it’s kind, it sets itself apart from the current games out there by using a camera peripheral which will allow you to project your own likeness to the game and play without the use of controllers. This works by scanning the body of the player, this helps tremendously when doing fitness games by allowing you to know if you have improper positioning. The camera and game will be able to correct your position which will in turn help you tone and slim ‘problem’ areas faster.

The game also features 480+ exercises as well as allows customization of your workout with the option to incorporate home fitness equipment such as free weights, exercise balls, resistance bands, etc. into your workout routine.

This is one game that’s on my holiday list! You can check out the game a bit more by viewing the hands-on video featuring Your Shape blogger Laurel House and celebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler who demoed the game last week during National Women’s Health & Fitness Day.

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