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Saturday, October 24, 2009

WWE rated PG...

I just read a very interesting article written in the Buffalo News today talking about how WWE is rated PG now and is more ‘family friendly’, this isn’t a surprise. Any wrestling fan has seen the new PG type of entertainment, and a lot of wrestling fans (me included) are venturing on to find better things, looking at indy shows and starting to steer clear of WWE programming.

Although I do find myself getting into things like TNA and venturing into ROH a lot more, know I’ll always be a WWE fan, but I can say I don’t watch it nearly as much or pay attention to it as much as I used to. I can’t deal with the ‘family friendly’ way they’ve gone. This is WRESTLING not Nickelodeon, and when I tune in yes, I do want to see vulgar stuff, I do want to see blood, I tune in to see violence and chairs and tables matches… I DO WANT TO SEE ATTITUDE!

One quote in the article that got the majority of my attention was from the chief operating officer of World Wrestling Entertainment, Donna Goldsmith she said:
"It was edgier in the attitude era. There was a little more blood, and then we realized this was not the way to go,"
I’m not sure when or how they realized that this was NOT the way to go, specifically because during the attitude era they had a ton of viewership, more fans and higher ratings than now. Sure I understand the attitude era generation are growing up, we have kids now and families, they’re trying to tune into the next generation of fans, our kids which has worked, my oldest daughter is a huge wrestling fan. BUT!!! Those attitude era fans, are still fans, and we’re the ones with the money, not the kids.

I also really had to laugh at another quote from the COO of World Wrestling Entertainment:
"Today we are PG — definitely family friendly. Our writing teams know the boundaries, and they tell really good stories."
Yet again, is she watching the same programming I've been watching lately? Where are these 'good stores' because I haven't seen any real 'good stores' lately at all, in fact I've seen some pretty crappy, boring ones, or ones that are done over again...and again...and again...

I’m sad that WWE has gone to this PG style of entertainment, it’s not as nearly exciting as it used to be, and it doesn’t get my viewership as much as it used to now either. If I miss a program or PPV oh well, no big deal, not like I missed much anyways and this isn’t just my attitude towards WWE these days either, there are a lot of fans that feel the same way and are sick of the ways WWE is heading.

WWE needs to be there and listen to their fans a lot more, tune into the blogs, the websites and even twitter, see what your ‘universe’ is really saying instead of just allowing 'moderated' comments to go on in your chats, LISTEN to the real fans and maybe those ratings will climb higher than ever, until then the decline is on.

If you want to read the article in it's entirety visit The Buffalo News.

1 comment:

lifeincolour said...

I think all these themed PPV's are closing off all ties with the fans from 10 years ago. I never cared about the blood, in fact I prefer it without. I do like seeing a wrestling show that doesn't have it's best segment ending in a fart joke. Great article Gina