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Saturday, October 3, 2009

10th Anniversary of WWE Smackdown....

I admit, I haven’t been much of A Wrestling Addicted Mommy this week. After having my wisdom teeth out and pretty much being in pain each night I’ve fallen asleep for each of my wrestling shows this week (except for TNA I always stay awake for that), although last night I made it a point to make sure I stayed awake for the 10th anniversary edition of Smackdown.

I kind of wish I had fallen asleep!

The matches were subpar as usual. And while I'm really glad to have my man Batista back, a match with him and Kane is not where I want to see him go... WWE really needs to start stepping up their game with their matches, I’m sick of seeing the boring no point in anything matches, the same match ups each week, the same feuds.


I think if anything, WWE showed us fans last night what USED to be good, what we are missing and what WWE needs to strive to be once again.

The highlights for me last night, seeing how YOUNG John Cena was when he first stepped into a WWE ring, wow time has flown. The tribute to Eddie was great, brought tears to my eyes, but my favorite part of the night, seeing one of my favorites of all time. The Rock! Although, I do have to say, if your going to be part of wrestling again in any capacity, even if it’s for a short promo, fans (myself included) would rather see you SHOW UP at the show instead of taping a pre-recorded video far far away from an actual ring, it would mean a lot more! I am excited to hear the news of The Rock hosting a RAW soon though, that’s news I’ve waited for since WWE started doing this (really boring and unnecessary) guest host spots on RAW.

I guess to see some great Smackdown matches any time in the near future I’m either going to have to wait for Edge to show back up, wait that probably won’t help either… WWE to get new staff, writers and some new engaging wrestlers and feuds or just buy the Best of Smackdown DVD to see some really great old feuds and matches. Not even the Pay Per View Hell In A Cell is holding my attention this week, I'm sorry but I think watching 2 hamsters fight in a cage would draw more excitement and blood than this PPV is going to have.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am just so glad that Edge and Vicki G. are gone fore a while. That whole story line really annoyed me so much. I am with you on the Rock, it would have been nice if he had actually shown up in person. Lets hope things get better soon, i am getting a little bored. The only thing that is keeping me watching right now is Batista!