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Friday, September 25, 2009

What a week!

What a week this has been, sorry I haven't been around much. With the crayon fiasco and then I wasn't feeling well, then my oldest wasn't feeling well, now my youngest is laying down beside me not feeling well, it's been a busy week! At least for me, being sick means not having to worry about weight loss supplements for a little while.

Yesterday I had to step out yesterday to pick up some things for my daughters 6th birthday this Sunday as well as picking up cupcakes for her class for snack today to celebrate her birthday.

One thing I"m thankful for, no restrictions what what we can and cannot bring into her class to eat! They could have been homemade, or store bought but with the way our week went I just couldn't find the time or energy to whip up 24 cupcakes for her class.....

Thankfully I was able to get the crayon out of a few things this week but we still lost 2 dress shirts, a Toronto Maple Leaf's jersey, an Italy soccer jersey, and a few pairs of jeans which I'm not worried about because they were just the girls play clothes anyways. I did get a little upset about the jersey's they were pretty special so now I have to replace those for sure.

Thanks to everyone for all the tips!!! With the tons of oxy clean, tide stain release, detergent, and WD-40, some of the crayon finally came out. The only thing left I still have to tackle is the dryer, right now I've just been hang drying because I've been too tired to do the dryer, but if my youngest falls asleep I just might find the time to do a little of that today since I"m feeling better.

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