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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Living in crayon HELL!!!

Anyone with kids and a husband knows you got to check the pockets before you put the laundry in. Cell Phones, wallets, business cards etc. etc anything important or non essential to the laundry could be hiding in there, that’s why I always check the pockets in things….Until last night..

Laundry needed to be done, some of the girl’s clothes and most of hubby’s work shirts were dirty so they all needed to be washed as well, with the exception of maybe 1 or two of his dress shirts that he wears for work, so into the wash they went last night. I was super tired so I asked hubby to put the laundry in the wash into the dryer for me which he did.

This morning getting the girls ready to head to school, making sure my oldest had every hair in place because today is in fact picture day at school, I hear yelling and screaming and cuss words and my name coming from downstairs. I can be honest with you, I didn’t rush down, in fact I almost ignored him at first, once the girls were ready I headed down to see what the dramatic issue was, I’m figuring it flooded downstairs, something with the water heater something to do with the house or appliances, but I was wrong, it was much worse (from the dramatics coming out of hubby’s mouth) every single piece of clothing now looked like the colors of the rainbow! Ty-dyed with red, blue and yellow blotches all over everything from my daughter’s jeans, socks, Toronto Maple Leaf’s hockey jersey to every single dress shirt hubby owns (basically) and wears to work.


We now are the proud owners of a rainbow colored dryer and rainbow colored clothing! YAY! This is not fun, I’ve been trying all morning to get this darn crayon out of the clothes, soaking it in hot water with oxy clean and tide stain booster then washing it to realize nothing came out! Soaking again we go! I decided to hop online and vent via Twitter and Facebook and then head over to trusty old Google to find the mystery miracle that’s going to save our clothing and dryer while the clothes are soaking in hot water, detergent, Oxyclean and Tide stain booster again.

I get a tip from my friend Natalie at Red Sox Mom to try WD-40 on the clothes, something I don’t have right now, so if none of this works hubby will be picking up some of that on his way home. I got most of the crayon off the dryer already just by turning it on for a bit to warm up the crayon and wiping it down, although there’s still stains within the dryer, so it looks like I’ll be picking up a new Magic Eraser as well to see if that gets the rest of the stains out of there.

I’ve found solutions online from WD-40 to parchment paper. That I do have so I took a shirt and took some parchment paper and headed upstairs to the ironing board and went to town, trying to get this darn crayon to lift off the shirt and onto the parchment paper…. I tried, and tried, and tried and tried…. It didn’t work! The only thing it did was lift some crayon right onto the ironing board so now I have crayon on the shirt AND the ironing board and NOTHING on the parchment paper! I’m going to SCREAM!!!!!!

The clothes are going to take FOREVER to clean, it's not something that's just going to take a bit of natural baby products detergent or regular detergent alone is going to help with, that's if they get clean at all, if not, that’s hundreds of dollars worth of clothing that’s going to be put into the trash, I am not looking forward to that since we’re broke right now and hubby needs shirts for work daily, one or two isn’t going to cut it.

Anyone have any tips for the clothing or the dryer? How to banish the crayon for good from both?

I think I may just get hubby to pick up a giant bottle of wine for me tonight as well, because this is going to be one heck of a day I can already tell!


my2boyz said...

go to they have a section that tells you how to get crayon out...or at least they did 3 years ago when the SAME thing happend to us! Good luck!
I used WD40 which you mentioned and it works wonders!

LArissa said...

okay this may sound weird but it works, try AVON bubble bath, just pour that stuff right on it and wait awhile and then wash. i used it on clothes that had those oil spots and WOW it got it out. AVON bubble bath and also your clothes smell great cause of the scent that you use from the bubble bath too! hope that works

Nancy said...

Right now you may not appreciate this, but you provided my morning chuckle! Your tweet led me to this article which I am still chuckling over. I guess it is only amusing if it happens to some else:)

Gina said...

Went to and they suggested WD-40 as well, so looks like I'll be attempting that tonight, hopefully it works, but its going to take forever since there's a ton of clothes UGH!

Larissa, Avon bubble bath huh lol unfortunatly I don't have any of it :( and to order it now will take days for it to get here :(

Nancy, well glad SOMEONE can chuckle about this now lol I probably will too eventually, I am just not looking forward to the $$ and work ahead BLAH!

GabbyLowe said...

This sucks but it could always be worse. I had a friend in highschool who's mom accidently turned in the dryer with their cat in their!!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you have a Goodwill or Salvation Army clothing store. At least the dress shirts for work should be there.
Marj M.

noreen said...

I feel your pain. WD-40 does really work, at least it worked a few years ago when we had a crayon incident. More recently we had an ink pen go through the dryer (DH left it in his jean coat). Mostly my clothes got hit. Wierdly mostly on the bottom of my pants. I used nail polish remover to get it off the dryer. I was able to remove about half the ink from the clothes. Good Luck with the crayons

Petula said...

Fortunately for me I've caught the crayon in the pocket before it hit the dryer. My family knows that I do not check pockets so no one is allowed to carry anything in their pockets. Yes, I know, breaks the rules of laundry 101. My oldest did this a couple of times and realized the error of her ways. LOL... an-t-way... I hope it comes out and you don't have to put out too much money for replacements. Like you really had the time to deal with this! So sorry.

Sherri @ Luv a Bargain said...

Oh no...that really stinks. I have not experienced that yet so I am no help with ideas. You will probably be full of wisdom for all of us after this though. I hope your day has not been totally consumed with Crayon horrors.