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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer is officially over....

Summer is officially over, at least for us. We took our final 'summer vacation' over the weekend, and it truly was a sad weekend for myself.

We did have a great time. We took a visit to my hubby's relatives in Chicago, which also took us to Navy Pier and the Chicago Childrens Museum as well. We had a blast as a family. My end of vacation though consisted of being reminded that in a few weeks my little girl will be going to school for the very first time, which also prompted shopping of some school uniform pieces while we were there.

I'm still very depressed over her going to school. There's something that just doesn't sit right with me about it, but I have no say in the matter. Hubby refuses to let me home school and we can't afford private school. We'll see how she does after the first year, maybe a Charter School will be better than the school she's going to be going to (which in fact has failing grades which is what I hate about her going there.).

Time is flying. My little girl is growing up, she's going to school and this past week we've also noticed this little 6 year old needs to start wearing deodorant. What the hell!!! It's starting to really wear on me, depress me even that time is flying by so fast. It almost makes me want to have another little one around.....ALMOST.... But then these two start fighting and I realize there's no way in hell I could handle another baby again.

I've had the conversation with my youngest about her older sister going to school all day and won't be here at home with her. When I asked her if she's going to miss her sister she shakes her head “No!”. That kinda makes me laugh. I guess it's a good thing to look at that I'll get to spend more one on one time with my youngest daughter. My oldest had me all to herself for 2 years and now my youngest will get to have that too since it will be another 2 years until she goes to school.

So until the dreaded day of August 31 when my child walks into a building by herself, without me, without her mom being right there by her side all day, I'll be trying to keep myself busy with things around the blog, around the house. Re-arranging things somehow makes things better, so I'll start with the girls room, onto my own room, into the living room moving around tv stands and such..... I need to take my mind of the worry, of the hurt, off the depressing thoughts in my head somehow....


Nina said...

I think most of us moms feel like that on the first day our 1st child goes to school :(. It will be ok and Lyric's gonna have tons of fun and she will be making new friends. :)... and you will be able to have a quiet home with only one child in your home.

You know, it made me laugh about a 6 yr old starting to use deodorant. Joel began using deodorant at 6!! Man, it really stank like onions LMAO. One time, when I picked up Joel at school, I began to smell something like pizza and I asked him if he had pizza for lunch... he didn't... and it was him... he smelled like onions! Ugh! Horrible smell LOL.

Leane said...

I will dread this moment the whole time....and it is another 4 years for us. Focus on the positive things and make sure you don't pass on your fear, or it will make it harder on her too.
Try to have fun with it momma! If you can't...then just try to pretend. Fake it till ya make it!

30Gerty said...

Just think of the lifelong friendships she might be making, who might still be in touch 25 years later sharing stories about their little ones growing up soooooo fast. Will you be a volunteer mom like our moms were? That might help.