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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Daily Freebies...

You know what I've noticed, I haven't been signing up for these freebies myself. I've been more concerned with getting them up on the blog than actually signing up for the freebies myself. I have to start remembering to sign up, they come in super handy a lot of the time. Just remember though, I always verify the freebies, I'll never have you signing up for something that makes you go through loops to get the freebie like signing up for a disability insurance newsletter or something just to get the freebies....

~ Wet Free Personal Lubricant Sample

~ Heiko Free Sample of Age Defense Moisturizer (US & Canada)

~ Walmart Free Sample of Bodycology Body Lotion

~ Ideal Free Sweetener Sample

~ Stetson Free Sample of All American Cologne

~ Kotex Free Sample of Ultra Thin Overnight Pads

~ A.Vogel Free Herbamare Sample (Canada)

~ Garnier Free Pro-X Double Action Eyecare Sample (UK & ROI)

~ ValueMags Free Subscription to Seventeen Digital

~ Mercury 2 free Issues of Oprah Magazine

~ Right@Home Free Fragrance Gift Pack for the first 10,000

~ Walmart Free Scope Outlast Sample Kit

~ Matrix Free Sample of Vavoom or ShapeMaker

~ Redwood Creek Free Moose Poster (US, 21+)

~ General Snus Free Smokeless Tobacco Sample Pack

~ Living With Birds Free Bird Food and Voucher (UK)

~ Mercury 2 free Issues of Marie Claire

~ Walmart Free Sample of Oxy Gel Face Wash

Don't forget to leave your freebies or giveaway posts on your own blog so we can all check them out. Leave your blog/post on the Mr. Linky below!

1 comment:

Petula said...

Yea, you have to remember to get them for yourself too. Thanks for doing this. :)