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Monday, July 27, 2009

My birthday wish came true, thanks to YOU!

If you remember a few weeks back, I thought of a very good idea. Well, a good idea in my own mind anyways, of overloading Jeremy Borash and Austin Creed from TNA wrestling with tweets from my fellow readers and friends.

You see, if you weren’t following what was going on me and hubby had tickets to TNA wrestling the weekend of my birthday. My normal wrestling events include me (as my hubby calls it) stalking the wrestlers before the show outside of the venue. Most of the time this is how you get the autographs and some great pics with some wrestlers, this time was going to be no different, but this time, I wanted to step it up a notch.

I blogged, I tweeted and it happened! I had my fellow readers and friends tweet Jeremy Borash and Austin “Awesome” Creed basically selling me to them to get some backstage passes and/or to just meet my favorite TNA wrestler Consequences Creed, you know since it was my birthday and all.

Well, this is to show you just how much ‘power’ social networking has. I got responses from both @austincreed and @jeremyborash and my birthday wish came true. JB told me to meet him at intermission while Austin Creed said he’d have 2 passes waiting for me at will call.

I was so excited, and I can’t thank my readers and friends enough! You made this girl’s birthday THE BEST EVER!!!! Now the only thing was to make sure I was ready looking good, and to cover up any of that acne that was trying to make an appearance. I swear, before we left I looked great, but after running around all day, getting excited being outside in the heat, the sweat ruined my hair and makeup and BLAH...Oh well...

Once we arrived at the venue we waited and waited for wrestlers to arrive. A blue car was at the stop sign and knowing they were driving in from New York I was getting excited when I noticed New York plates, 4 people in the car, and one with some big ass hair! IT WAS CREED!!! With a giant grin and a big wave he was waving at me as he drove by. I was ecstatic!!! A few moments later I checked my twitter and there was a tweet for me from @austincreed “Sweet Shirt!” I was once again as giddy as a school girl, you see I ordered his tee straight from his website just for the event, and he noticed me YAY!!!

Yes I’m a geek; this is how you can see I earned the name A Wrestling Addicted Mommy. Thank goodness I have a forgiving and understanding husband who doesn’t mind me going all high school girly to some hot wrestlers. Once the doors opened I went to collect my passes and couldn’t believe that I actually had the passes in my hand. We headed into the venue to our seats which were great (5 rows from the ring smack dab in the center), then headed to purchase a program and a tee for my hubby.

This was our very first TNA show, and it won me over big time. I’ve always been a diehard WWE fan but after this show, and how they treat the fans and how, fan friendly they really are TNA won me over for good. We had 4 matches until our little backstage meeting with wrestlers and the countdown was on, it wasn’t hard to not even realize which match we were on as we both got right into the show, chanting, cheering and of course me screaming!

Once it was time to get backstage I was so nervous and giddy. We got to meet Christopher Daniels, Eric Young, Taylor Wilde and Homicide. Jeremy Borash (JB) came out as well and I had little convo with him too, introducing myself as none other than wrestlingaddict and he knew exactly who I was. Consequences Creed then came out later and I was so happy, I couldn’t thank either of them enough. Autographs, pictures and hugs, it was so much fun!!!

We headed back out into the arena for the rest of the matches which were great, if you’ve never been to a TNA live show, make sure it’s one of the ones you check even if you have to make a short trip to do it, it’s very much worth the drive and the money!

After the matches were done and over with, we figured it was just time to head back home, but there was a special little surprise. We got to go into the ring (for $20) and get our pictures taken INSIDE the ring with the greatest tag team of wrestling history Team 3D! This was something we were NOT going to miss out on; we got in line and waited to step into that ring.

I really thought I was going to bust my ass right in front of everyone. I don’t know how any of those women get into that ring without falling in heels. I was on flats and I was sure I was going to fall straight on my ass, thankfully I didn’t. The ring was so bouncy and the ropes were very hard, nothing like I imagined. We walked up to Team 3D who greeted us with smiles, got our pictures taken and then it was out of the ring we went, again me trying not to fall on my face.

After the show I got another autograph from one of my other favorite wrestlers Jay “Black Machismo” Lethal, and a pic too which didn’t turn out well at all so it god deleted. I also got another picture with Austin Creed, I can’t thank him enough for everything he did for me, and he’s one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met, he’s got a fan in me for life! The picture we took next I also had to thank my husband for endlessly, first because he was never going to hear (or see) the end of it, and second because he actually took the picture and had no issues about it. The picture of me giving Austin Creed a kiss is plastered all over the place, on my twitter, on my facebook, on my computer screen it’s even a theme now on my BlackBerry. I’m one lucky girl for two reasons!

So thank you to @jeremyborash, @austincreed and especially to each and every one of you who tweeted to them be it just for the sake of trying to help me out, or to gain the extra entries for giveaways, your tweeting worked, and I never really imagined that it would get me anything but an “oh my stay away from the crazy wrestlingaddict chick when we get to Hamilton” response from either of them.

TNA Wrestling is in my blood FOREVER now!


Larissa said...

thats awesome gina that you had a great memorable time!............and i didn;t win that bathing suit!!!!;( lol

taysmommy said...

Woot! Glad it worked and you had anawesome time! You look good in your pics mama! I'll stalk wrestlers on twitter anytime ya need me! lol!

Beeb said...

That's awesome that your wish came true! The pics are great, you look so cute! Happy birthday!