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Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm crazy....

I'm crazy let me tell you. Yes I know some of you who already know me are saying we already knew that Gina… But here’s how crazy I am…. I really, REALLY want to meet Consequences Creed when we head to Canada this Friday for our very first LIVE TNA wrestling event, and try to get myself backstage to meet him and many of the other wrestlers I idolize.

Did you know, that Sunday July 12th will be my 31 25th birthday as well? What a better way to spend my weekend than at a wrestling event, and back home with my family and friends.
Well since there are a few TNA peeps on twitter, I figure why not try my luck… But I need your help!

Each time you tweet the following, just leave a comment in one of my many giveaways going on (more to be posted tonight) and you’ll earn an extra entry for each time you make one of the following tweets! I win, you win, we all win (I hope).

Thankfully hubby doesn’t mind my wrestler crushes and he thinks this is hilarious and pretty smart to get noticed. I already have my Consequence Creed T-Shirt on delivery to my home thanks to so I’ll be wearing that the day of the show, I just want to make my birthday complete with a (few) hugs and some pics!

Tweet the following then head over to the giveaway you need the extra entry for, do this as many times as you want for extra entries!

Tweet #1: @austincreed take notice, you can meet @wrestlingaddict at the TNA show Fri. would be a great b-day present for A Wrestling Addicted Mommy!

Tweet #2: Thinking @JeremyBorash should give @wrestlingaddict a great birthday and surprise her with a backstage VIP for Hamilton’s TNA show Fri.

The show is Friday July 10th at 7:30 ET in Hamilton Ontario, you can tweet the above until that time for extra entries into giveaways, or....just cause you love me ;) See, told you I’m crazy, but maybe I’m just crazy enough that it works!!! Thanks to all of you who try to help me out with this!!! I VERY MUCH appreciate it!!! I'll have vid's and pic's to share WHEN it happens!


April said...

This is a darn good idea and I'm going to help you out! I hope you get to meet them.

Jessilyn82 said...

What a cool idea, I did a few tweets for ya!!

Anonymous said...

I left both tweets and will try to repeat it several times :) Hope you get at least one of your birthday wishes!

Beeb said...

I don't know the first thing about wrestling, but I left some tweets for you, I hope it works! :)