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Friday, June 12, 2009

We're coming along..

I'm happy to say that my house is coming alone. Slowly but surly that is. The contractors are officially done their work and I signed off on the papers yesterday, everything looks great! Well, except for the dust that's still on everything and in everything. I have a few more cupboards and dishes to clean in the kitchen, and the windows are still caked in dust even though I've washed them twice already. The kitchen floor and tables still need to be cleaned and then it's to fully clean the bathroom.

It amazes me where I'm finding all this construction dust in the house, places they weren't even working in, and the windows are becoming one of the biggest pains, they've been washed yet you couldn't tell by looking at them, I'm afraid to see how many times I'm going to have to clean them to get all this caked on stuff off.

Anyways, once my house is back in order I'll be sure to show you the before and after pics from our digital cameras, in one way I'm kind of happy the flood happened, I love the way both rooms look but on the other hand, being away for so long and not having my house the way I want it while I am here is a big pain!



dust is goes with the wind...i know...we used to get dust storms in west texas and even with everything closed up, there would be red dust everywhere for what seemed forever! hang in, this too will pass.

Jesica said...

If you have central heat/air going ... change your filters! That'll help a lot. Then change them again in a couple weeks. :)

Glad your house is coming back together. That's great.

Leane said...

The filter tip is great. Also, on the windows...go buy a pack of microfiber cloths.....they are priceless at getting the film off of windows when you clean. Plus, they can be washed and reused for other areas of the house. They work so well. As far as cleaning cabinets, use a microfiber cloth and also some Murphy's Oil Soap and follow their directions on mixing it up in a bucket. Change out your soap/water when it is dirty. They are really great at washing cars also. Another tip, house cleaning is easier if you first enjoy a great cup of coffee (or glass of wine, depending on your mood)!!