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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Back!

Well, I've made it back to Ohio. Our trip to Canada was great, I had so much fun while I was there, it does make me really miss home and want to move back, but alas real life kicks back into gear once I hit the boarder and I realize where my life is right now.

I was hoping to jump right back into my blogging as soon as I got back, but this blog looks like it will be all i'm able to do right now. Our house is still a construction zone! There's some unfinished things I noticed when I got back so we had to call the contractors again and are waiting on them to return to put up some more trim, fix the exposed nails on the staircase and plug up the nice hole in my cabinet's ceiling. It was nice to think that they were done until I started cleaning up their mess and noticed these few 'unfinished' things.

The house is a wreck, dust EVERYWHERE, I've been cleaning non-stop inside cabinets, cleaning all the unopened packages of food in the pantry, everything else opened had to be thrown out. Everything we own that was in the kitchen while all this was going on, needs to be cleaned. There's dust all over the house as well, so room by room I clean all day long.

We had a little house guest this morning as you may have seen on my Twitter or Facebook. Hubby found a BAT this morning before he left for work. I'm still a bit freaked out and worried that we'll find another one or something. Although kinda cute, I do not want a bat in my home!

So bare with me, I know the blog sucks right now, I've missed wrestling a lot too which I'm not happy about, but I gotta get this house back in order before we leave again (only for a weekend) in July or else it's never going to get done. You may see some random interesting posts pop about when I have time, posts about the work, posts about products, random posts about nothing like Mesothelioma cancer, if there's a deadline it's gonna be posted as best as I can do for now.

You'll see me here and there, probably starting more so next week. To clean I must go now, it seems like there's a never ending pile of dust!



better bats in your house than in your bellfree!

Leane said...

Good luck to you!!
Microfiber cloths work great at picking up dust and they cut the amount of elbow grease needed. That's my best tip....

Oh,actually my best tip is to try not to get overwhelmed.