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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Serbian priest charged in drug rehab beating

Did you hear about the torture charges that were filed against a Serbian Orthodox priest on Friday? Apparently he allegedly beat a drug rehab patient with a shovel!

SERIOUSLY?!?! A priest of all people, this is probably one of the many reasons I just can’t stick with a church or religion at all. How am I supposed to listen to someone who’s preaching the word of god yet being a hypocrite about what they preach at the same time?

I know not all priests are like this, I just have a real issue with organized religion and it seems that whenever I question it, there’s something else that pops out at me and reminds me why exactly I don’t want to get involved in it to begin with.

So this priest since has been removed from his position and could face up to five years in prison if convicted. According to him, the beatings were a necessary part of the therapy and they were carried out with the consent of the patients and their parents. If it was consensual these people must be really desperate and crazy to kick that drug habit. It’s sad that in other parts of the world you can’t find a great center to get actual help, instead they just get beat for trying to do better.

It’s sad.



gina, you may get heat from this but i hope i am wrong. i hope people just take in your words and accept your view.

do i believe..during the good times and those that are not so good. how can you be a child of god and not accept someone else's belief in their god. christ didn't only love the jews, he loved the world and forgave all they did.

people of love ad giving, may not always attend a church or declare a faith but to me, their actions are god like...even when they declair themselves agnostic.

Petula said...

Unfortunately, I have not read/heard any details about this. I understand exactly where you are coming from though. I sometimes I have the same issue with some people who say one thing, but do/live another. I guess we all have to keep in mind that we're all human (albeit, some of us crazier than others) regardless of anything that happens. Ya know?