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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Obama: The Historic Journey

I’m not one into politics, however this past year’s election did get me involved somewhat, we talked about politics more than anything in our home while the elections were going on, even my two girls knew somewhat what was going on and it was great.

Recently we received the book Obama: The Historic Journey Young Reader’s Edition. I had seen this book in stores before and had thought about picking it up for the girls, so they could have a little ‘history’ stocked away in a great book. It would also give them a little better understanding of what went on during this election. The book is for young readers 8-12 years old, but as an adult I enjoyed the book as well. It takes you on a journey of the life and the inauguration process of President Obama.

I loved to read the book and check out the great pictures inside as well. My daughters couldn’t comprehend some of the things talked about in the book (since they’re only 3 and 5) but the pictures were amazing and they loved to look at them. It was fun being able to let the girls in on the Presidents life a little more.
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i like ebooks while i am doing other things with my hands. i recently got his words of my father ... he read it...while i didn't get the pictures, i did get to hear his interprutation of his words. it was lovely.