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Friday, May 1, 2009


I had to share this with ya'll. I'm not a huge fan of The Dream, there's a few songs I can tolerate and actually like, but i'm not a big fan of his at all. I saw his latest video for his newest song Hater on Necole Bitchie today and the song has stuck with me all day. Not only do I really like the song, but the video is great. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before. The best thing, The Dream doesn't even appear in the video (sorry I can't stand the boy, he's not my type so I'd rather just hear and not see). It's a pretty sweet video, check it out, just know this is not the censored version of the song.

On another note, yesterday was a long tiring day around here. As some of you know I delayed shots/vaccines with my girls. Well with Lyric going to register for Kindergarten on the 5th we had to get her up to date, so I figured it was probably the right time to get Aria caught up as well. My poor poor girls!!! I'm not a fan of needles myself, in fact if I had to go through what they had to go through yesterday I probably would have cried too.

The surprising fact is that Aria did much better than Lyric, especially when it came to drawing blood for the Lead test check. It took hubby and 4 nurses to hold Lyric down to get her blood, Aria, just took hubby to hold onto her, she watched as they drew her blood and everything, she didn't make a peep!

My girls are growing like weeds though, at 5yrs old Lyric stands at 46 1/4" tall and 44lbs, Aria is 3yrs and stands 40" tall and 32 1/2lbs. They're both going to catch up to me in no time since I'm such a shortie and stand at only 5' tall.

Time is flying by, I can't believe we're going to register Lyric for Kindergarten on the 5th (note this is not a happy day for me since I've been wanting to homeschool since she was born). I'm not a happy camper with her going, I've already cried a few times, I dunno how I'm gonna let her just go off on her own for a day without my eyes on her at all times.

Do you have kids in school? How did you handle them leaving 'the nest' for the day?


Natalie said...

My oldest goes to preschool for 2 hours a day, 4 days a week and it's at the elementary school. I thought I'd freak out about it. But really, it's been AWESOME! She loves it and I get a little break with my just my youngest.

noreen said...

Think of it as a chance to get errands done with only one child. It really is faster with just my 3 year old when shopping. Also volunteer at the school. I was in your shoes last year. My daughter is almost done with her first year of kindergarden. She loves school and since I help in the classroom at least once a week (sometimes more) I can share even more with her since I really know what is happening at school

Leane said...

I LOVED this video!!

I would never probably even listen to the whole song, but it is a GREAT graphical catch!!