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Thursday, April 30, 2009

It Starts With A Playground...

As parents one of the things we want to make sure our children have is a safe place to play, not only does that just mean in our homes or neighborhoods but also in our local playgrounds.

Today’s world is tough, and sometimes just plain crazy, there isn’t many places you can go today where you feel as safe as you used to, that includes playgrounds. I know my eyes and ears are always lurking and open to those happenings around us when we’re out and about having fun on swings and slides, it’s a shame really that kids just can’t enjoy playgrounds like we used to.

Thankfully there are some organizations who are dedicated to finding and creating SAFE play spaces within walking distance for children everywhere. Places like Mom Central have teamed up with a place called KaBOOM! A non-profit organization that has started a nationwide campaign to help communities across the U.S. find and build those places. There are so many children who have a lack of playgrounds/play spaces in their own neighborhoods where they can play and be safe. Honestly, I hate going to our local playground because I don’t feel safe there either.

KaBOOM! Is trying to map out 100,000 play spaces in 100 days online. Places like a playground, field, Skate Park, roller hockey rink, lake, dog park, community centers, basketball court or ice rinks, any place where kids can engage in unstructured play for free or a nominal fee. To place a play space listing on KaBoom! it consists of an address or cross street and a description, one photo and one rating, you can do this with a quick fill-in on their website, or even a twitpic from your cell phone.

For each play space entered into the KaBOOM! database on behalf of the Mom Central team, $1 will be donated to Jumpstart, a non-profit that brings at-risk preschool children and caring adults together to improve literacy.

Not only will KaBOOM! enable us as parents to find safe and fun places for our children locally, but when traveling and looking for a great place to take the kids, al you have to do is hop onto the KaBOOM! Website and check out the local spaces to find the safe and best place for your kids.

Why not add your favorite local play space today and help Mom Central and KaBOOM! inform parents and help kids be safe.

Thanks To: Mom Central

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