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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Perfect Dress for All Occasions...

I’ve finally found it, the perfect little black dress. This is something that actually has been missing from my wardrobe, shameful isn’t it? It’s taken me this long to find a figure flattering, PERFECT dress for every and all occasions, but I’m glad for the wait because this dress is just the perfect thing, why bother settling for less right?!?

The Marilyn Convertible Dress from Monif C.Plus Sizes is THE dress! It’s the only black dress you’ll ever need no matter what the occasion. The Marilyn Convertible Dress was inspired by vintage dresses, but vintage is far from what this dress is. The classic style can be dressed up or down, or tied in so many different ways; you never have to wear the same dress twice. The Marilyn Convertible Dress is just that, convertible. So far Monif C. Plus Sizes have counted 22 different ways to tie this dress, I’m sure with some experimenting and your own personal style you can find many more. There are limitless possibilities with this dress.

When I first got my black Marilyn Convertible Dress I was a little confused as exactly what I was to do, but there’s help. Monif C. and her models have come up with some great YouTube videos to give you examples on just how to wear this fashionable and stylish dress. You can check out the first instructional video here as well as a second instructional video here, I’m sure we’ll be offered many more instructional videos as time goes on. You can also view some great customer pictures by visiting the Monif C. blog.

I am literally in love with my Marilyn Convertible. I’m not really a girl who likes to wear a lot of dresses, but this one is going to get a lot of wear from me. It flatters my figure, and can not only be worn as a dress, but I can also manipulate it into ways to wear as a cute top with some jeans or leggings. The great thing about this dress is for those of us with actual boobs, we can wear a full support bra underneath and find countless ways to ‘hide’ it by tying the dress in so many different styles/ways.

Retailing for $195.00 the Marilyn Convertible Dress is well worth the money, think of it. So far 22 different ways to wear this dress have been counted, that’s 22 different dresses you’d have to buy to get each style if purchased separately, you’re saving a heck of a lot of money on one dress that can last you through every occasion throughout the year and no one will even know it’s the same dress. The Marilyn Convertible Dress comes in a short style and a longer style as well as a variety of colors. The dress is made of a luxurious jersey material that not only looks great but feels so soft on your skin.

Although the Marilyn Convertible Dress is targeted at plus size women, the dress does fit all sizes from a size 8-24.

For more information or to take a peek at all the other gorgeous dresses you can find at Monif C. Plus Sizes visit their website

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