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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big Ben ding DONG'S all night long...

**Disclaimer: Some images and content may not be appropriate for younger viewers. This post is for Adults 18 years of age and older and may not be safe for work viewing**

Doc Johnson’s is probably one of my favorite manufacturers of “Adult Toys”, you can never go wrong with a Doc Johnson, not only do they carry the widest variety of toys but they’re probably one of the best providers of ‘dildos’ on the market, at least in my opinion.

One of my newest ‘treasures’ in my box is the “Big Ben” – Ben Dover’s Realistic King Sized Cock. Upon receiving my new toy, my eyes must have bulged out of my head, defiantly not what I was expecting. The Big Ben is HUGE, and very…Very realistic. So realistic that really, I don’t think I should post the picture of this dong on my blog, which is why you see the smudged out box version instead.

It’s pretty apparent why Ben Dover (the porn star) was chosen to be a model and have his penis molded for Doc Johnsons. Now, I can be first to admit, I like ‘em big, who doesn’t but this isn’t so much long as it is thick, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. The running joke between me and my husband is that this is my first and only white cock, which is true, yes I’ve never been with a white guy before, but if they’re all as proportionate as Ben Dover, I’ve been missing a whole heck of a lot.

The Big Ben dildo is nine inches long and six inches wide and extremely realistic; this isn’t your run of the mill machine molded dildo. This looks and almost feels like a real penis in your hands, and elsewhere! The only thing that turned me off at first sight was the enormous balls attached to this thing. I’ve never seen anything the size of these things before. CRAZY! However, I can say during ‘play time’ the balls make for a great grip for yourself or your partner, as well they give a bit of clitoral stimulation when being used as well. We used this toy more as a couple than having me use it alone, and when using this toy ‘doggy style’ the balls hit your clit just right as to give an extra sensation than just the penetration alone.

Big Ben is about two pounds (very heavy for a toy) and is made out of a firm yet smooth rubber, realistically the head is accentuated and the shaft is curved just slightly, and you can also spot some veins along the shaft as well to give it that more realistic look and feel. Another great thing about this toy is the suction cup base. This is my very first toy with such a thing, and I was pretty excited about seeing how well a suction cup worked. Using a wall or any smooth surface, you now have a hands free toy for solo stimulation or for a great visual for your partner while you venture on to other things at the same time. I think this was my favorite way to use this toy. The toy is also harness compatible for all those with harness strap-ons.

To view an actual size photo of the Ben Dover Realistic King Sized Cock CLICK HERE.

I honestly have no idea who Ben Dover is, my husband does, but I’m not that big into porn. I have to say though, having his replica penis has intrigued me just a bit to see what the real thing looks like. The Big Ben is BY FAR now on the top of my list for my favorite toys. It’s probably the most used toy this week alone, inch by inch, I’ve been VERY satisfied!

To find out more information about the “Big Ben” Ben Dover Realistic King Sized Cock or to check out other ‘Adult Toys’ head on over to the Eden Fantasys website at

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taysmommy said...

OMG! Thay thing is HUGE! I litterally had tears coming out of my eyes when you were talking about the toys big balls!